The story behind "Escape"

If you want, you can listen to the track right HERE before reading this story.

This one is really special, as you heard. We wanted to do those kind of songs that goes on and on and on with some small changes in them that would still keep the attention of the listener. Those tracks turn around to be 10 minutes long, so, if you didn't liked it like our other songs, we made you a smaller version ;) .

I think it is by far our least electronic piece, because the drum was made from real samples, the guitar too... And they were our main instruments except those big synthesizers.

Speaking of those, the first chords played by a synth at the beginning of the track was an hommage to the soundtrack of Blade Runner by Vangelis. And then you have those big chords with a brass ensemble near the climax of the song who were a little bit like the Inception sound made by Hans Zimmer.

Hans Zimmer, is definitely the biggest influence behind this track for me, maybe not for Pellaboug, but I see the movie behind this music and its intensity was clearly something I saw in Zimmer's scores.

We always start with the beat. We want to make the biggest part of the song first, then, derivate from it and find how it could begin and end. With "Escape", we actually wrote the middle part, then the piano intro and the big climax afterward.

There is only 3 chords in the intense parts, but when I played the theme on the piano I told Pella to put a fourth chord for the piano parts, that made it more melodic and less empty. For the action parts, I think you can't even tell the chord changing because of the guitars driving the piece wherever they want. It's a big mess, with a lot of tension and then you are under water with smoothing ambiances and this beautiful piano.

Then you hear this ukulele... Playing something strange on two strings only... You got it, it was me! Sometimes, you have to take whatever is around you to make it sound more like YOU. And in that case, the ukulele was the strangeness in the beautiful dream. The transition to the big guitars.

I like to remind everybody that we are not drummers but that we can make those crazy patterns like the one at the end that drives like crazy the piece. We needed to make it sound as real as possible, because we knew nobody would trust this world we were offering in "Escape" if the drum was not sounding real enough. So we exported the tracks in an other session to give it some groove and reimported the tracks in the session that has no groove so that the drum really is the king of the parade and leads everything.

It is a big nightmare with a long corridor with no end and, in a way, it is similar to "Spiritus", with the concept of dreaming and waking up.

We both think it was the best way to start our last third of the year, with a little touch of darkness from "Repeat Revolution" and we are really excited, after "Faith" and "Escape", to present you something a lot funky with the October track in the next few weeks.

You are free to ask any question that you want in the comment section,

See you next time!



The story behind "Faith"

Since I am from Laval and Pellaboug from Montreal, it takes some time to meet each other and it can certainly kill the mood/inspiration to be in the metro for too long here in Montreal.

During all the month, our disponibilities almost never matched and I had to go in Abiti-Témiscamingue for some personal stuff. So, just before I left, we had to compose from distance.

And we had 3 hours to do something.

By chance, I knew exactly want I wanted to do for this month. Something personal, something ambiant.

I had a track in mind for a while and here it is folks: "Alpine" from Subsets.

After only 2 hours and a half, the song was finished and we only needed to mix it. Actually, the mixing part took longer than the composition did!

It is my favorite track of the year so far because of the emotions vehiculed and the perfect ambiances.

Here's some facts about the creation of each elements of the track:

  • We used an ostinato with the guitar to drive the piece and then removed it in the middle to create some empty place and to catch the attention of the listener to go back in the last part. We like to use some Paulstretch to create our ambiances and "Purity" was almost only that. It makes us laugh to think of the idea of featuring Paulstretch in the song!
  • For the lead piano playing the melody we dubbed it with the sound used in "Rejected". In fact, it is not the first time we used it because we're really proud of it! It made this small distorsion telling the listener it is the main theme of the track.
  • The drums in this song were the fastest we've ever made drums for a song! It's almost only samples and it is working perfectly with the mood of the piece.
  • Some crazy sounds you can hear are from Sigur Rós.

I hope you enjoyed this new blog!



The story behind "Dancing in the Woods"

It all started right after we released "Noisy Swing" when we both wanted to use some strumming guitar in the new track. Pellaboug's friend, Olivier Caron, came to the studio the day before I did. What a surprise when I asked Pellaboug for some guitar and here it was, right in from of me!

I had a clear vision of what I wanted and it was based on the song "Two" from an old friend of Pella named "Hällo Hällo". It was to basically double the tempo for second half of the track. So we did.

After a while Pellaboug turned to me and said (for the hundredth time): "I want vocals in this track". After like a minute, I showed him some videos of my friend Doddz singing some tunes on the hukulele and he said "OK, invite her."

What a surprise when I learned she was close to Pella's apartment and that she was free that day. So, during the half hour it took her to come, Pellaboug and I were searching for a melody like never before, because we had no idea it would be all happenning this same day! She came over and recorded the melody we found and we closed the case for the day after some fun!

The next week, we tried a lot of things with the second half of the song and nothing came up. It wasn't working the way we wanted it and it was too "clownish". I asked Pella to do the inverse and to cut the tempo in half instead of doubling it and here is the 2nd part of the song that helped building the 3rd (and last) part of song.

So we can say, in that case, we have a Pellaboug part at first, then a Fran-6 part and then the Wearefromnoise one! 

It is really smoother than "Noisy Swing" but it is a really nice follow up with the real instruments and the voice of Doddz. An other experimentation for us on our road to finding ourselves! 

Next on the list is "Faith", the last song of the 2nd third of the year, that is really personnal to me. After all the groove and the dancing, you'll finally get some more of me... 

see you soon noisy people! 

Greetings from Pellaboug

I'm not one to talk with words. Usually I let my music make the talking for me, but I also think it's good to properly introduce yourself.

I'm Pellaboug.

The name, to me, means familly, friends and memories. Those three are also what drives me to make my music and to always push myself to grow more after every song. I make music an experience for people to enjoy, think and feel. My life is made out of music so let me share what i'm all about.

Welcome to our website!



WAFN Official website launch!

Hi guys!

Welcome to the brand new website I made for our group Wearefromnoise! For the past week, all I was doing of my free time was this new project. I hope you'll love it as I do. My girlfriend told me it would be cool to add a "blog/news" page to the website, I told her I wasn't in love with the idea... Well, here we are! ;)

If you have any comment you can get in touch with us via the "Contact" page.

Every release should get its own release on the site with some bonus stories, if we feel like so.

Let's make this adventure bigger together!