musitechnic's Office session

We were invited to perform an "Office Session" in Musitechnic's studio live on their Facebook page, here's the final result, the video starts around 1:50.

the "Sound Textures" Project from Brébeuf college

Students from Brébeuf College have used our music for their project of abstract musical animation. Here's 5 wonderful creations they did:


Faito (ファイト) live @ le national

On October 21st, Wearefromnoise performed at Le National for the Landmark Events Showcase Festival. It was the third live performance for the boys and it was simply amazing! Here's the ending track "Faito (ファイト)" where people were dancing and jumping up and down like never before!

Wasteland preview

Here's a small preview of the album "Wasteland" made before its release. The pictures are from the end of the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" by Stanley Kubrick (1968).

wasteland remixes ep preview

Here's a small preview of the EP "Wasteland Remixes EP" made before its release.

purity (pellaboug remix)

This is the first videoclip for Wearefromnoise, from Wearefromnoise. It was made around Christmas by Fran-6 filming christmas lights in and off the christmas tree at his family house. The video was made as a thanks to all the fans for the wonderfull year 2016.