Having started their first jam in 2016, the Wearefromnoise duo decided to combine their different backgrounds to create a unique sound, right there in that Montréal apartment.

Their mission is to transport you through their stories by combining moving atmospheres, catchy melodies and crazy beats!

One is an expert in electronic and the other in orchestral composition; Pellaboug and Fran-6 have joined their common passion of composing music to create something unique for fans of both genres.


Fran-6 is Francis Ouellet

Pellaboug is Samuel Bougie

And together: Wearefromnoise





Wasteland preview

wasteland remixes ep preview

A new track per month


We decided to launch a new project this year and it's to give you a new track every month on our Soundcloud!

At the end of each third of the year we will release a small EP with the 4 tracks where you can give any amount of money you want to give.

You can listen to them by clicking on any picture you like!

Repeat revolution


Repeat Revolution is based on our eternal routine of every day and on the story of somebody who tries to break it. The end is yours to decide...

Faito (ファイト)


Faito (or ファイト) is a great surprise after surprise. It's happy, joyfull and everything except a fight. We'll have to rethink the name I suppose...



Spiritus was out during the month of the release of the new Legend of Zelda game "Breath of the Wild". It inspired the guys to make this evolving track.



Based on the idea to be played live, Rejected was born from simplicity and groove. Well... That came after, but still, it's harsh and solid.

summer lights


A first attempt at EDM music from the boys, Summer Lights came at the same time the sun did after a long winter here in Montreal.

Noisy Swing


With its catchy trumpet melody and incredible groove, no one can resist to bust a move while listening to Noisy Swing.

dancing in the woods


Featuring Odile Dion-Achim (Doddz) at the voice and Olivier Caron at the guitar, Dancing in the Woods is the first collaboration for Wearefromnoise.